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International "Windmill-2019" conference

From September 25 to 27,2019, Andranik Hliyan attended the International "Windmill-2019" conference.Then following topics were discussed:
  • Flour-grinding cereal industry in Russia is at a stage of modern development: systematic problems and current aims;
  • Production forecasts, price dynamics and grain with its processed products market conjuncture;
  • Security of the industry with the use of high-quality and safe grain for the incoming period;
  • Marketing and price policies of enterprises in a highly competitive flour-grinding cereal products market, which secures financial stability for a business;
  • Using innovative domestic and foreign technologies and machinery for the producion of bakery products in a wide selection, and deeply processed grain products.

The Event was organized by the Russian union of Flour-grinding and cereal enterprises, International Inustrial Academy with the support of the Ministry of agriculture of the Russian Federation, Chamber of Commerce of the Russian Federation and the Industry Unions Association APC (ASSAGRI)