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All Hands 2023

Our team is distributed across more than five countries, which brings opportunities to view the business from different angles, but it also presents challenges. To be an effective team, we place a great deal of importance on communication between offices. It is essential for everyone to have up-to-date information on the current state of the business, projects, short-term and long-term top-level goals, as well as related departments.

One of the tools that helps us maintain the sense of one team across employees in different offices is All Hands meetings. We do not strictly regulate these meetings; they are designed to bring the entire team together and openly discuss important matters for the team. Employees have the opportunity to openly ask any questions to top management.

Moreover, the main task of the All Hands meeting held in March 2023 was to convey the company's vision and strategy to employees. We gathered the entire team and showed them where we are going.

It is important to note that one meeting is not enough when we talk about goal management. After the general meeting, department heads break down goals with their teams and hold meetings at the department level. Our ideal outcome is for "each employee to understand their contribution to the company's overall goal."

By applying such tools, we form a transparent and open structure. Team members note that the level of uncertainty decreases, and there is an impulse to achieve goals.