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The certification for working in the board of directors

AGS always supports any types of initiatives that are linked to education and personal growth. Who other than the CEO can be an example of such an outstanding habit.

The CEO, Ruslan Barashyan went through the admission procedure “Certification for working in the board of directors” which was hosted by “The Bank of Russia” and The Professional Directors Association PDA.

The training was held within CEOs, Vice presidents and the management members of companies such as “RUSAL”, “PAO MTS”, “KPMG”, “HEADHUNTER” and many more.

Those who taught had real experience:
  • Acting chairman of the board of directors of AFK “System” Anna Belova
  • Member of the board of directors of “TransConatiner” Irina Shitkina
  • CEO of “World Class” Nikolay Pryanishnikov

At the end of each training session, the CEO conducts briefings among the company's managers in order to implement the tools that he received during the training.