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Tour to venture capitals, Hong Kong and Singapore

Agro Grain South together with Astra Alliance and the Russian Venture Society spent about 2 weeks on a tour of business incubators. The center of the investment fund industry in Asia is located in Singapore, and auxiliary points are located in Hong Kong and Shanghai. All large funds somehow have representative offices in these locations. As part of the development of the venture direction of the Astra Alliance Group, the tour took place in the capitals of the venture business of Asia, in Hong Kong and Singapore.

The markets of Singapore and Hong Kong are attractive to Western capital due to state institutions fully adapted to the West, as well as the absence of language barriers for historical reasons.
A business incubator is an organization created to support entrepreneurs at an early stage of their activities by leasing premises and providing consulting, accounting and legal services.

Thanks to this tour, Agro Grain South acquired new partners and contacts, learned new technical solutions and exchanged experience with other companies and organizations.