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InvestPro Conference in Baku

From May 17 to May 19, 2017, members of the Agro Grain South team attended the InvestPro conference in Baku, Azerbaijan.

Bosco Conference Company presented the annual InvestPro Azerbaijan Baku 2017 conference. The conference program covered topics such as international investment, business immigration, international taxation, wealth management, asset protection, building international structures, etc.

The format of the InvestPro Azerbaijan Baku 2017 conference - b2c, made it possible to successfully combine the exhibition and the conference. More than 20 reports were heard at the conference and the most exciting issues were raised in the breaks between sessions.

InvestPro Azerbaijan Baku 2017 is

a unique platform for corporate communications
exchange of experience with market leaders
new prospects and opportunities for business development
20 reports from leading market experts
20+ exhibitors – large international banks and law firms
200+ participants from 20+ CIS, EU, Middle East and Asia countries